Update Your Optima



Update your Optima with the latest additions and amendments: 

Every Friday, all  laws & amendments published in the weekly Gazette are considered for inclusion in Optima for integration/addition  into its relevant libraries. Editors notes are added where appropriate. Subscribers access the new data quarterly with a "pop-up" on their screen prompting a click to download  OR by  following our instructions below:

Optima Legal (Windows Installer) (8 April 2024)

- it contains the latest Acts, SIs, judgments and amendments promulgated.

- the download will take about 20 minutes on a dedicated 1 Mbps connection. 

- please use a download manager if you have an unreliable internet connection. 

For a network installation, use the same target installation folder on your server so that you don't have to adjust your Optima share or your client installations)

Once installed/update check that "V5.0.0.5" is displayed in the title bar along with the above update date.

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