Update Your Optima



Update your Optima with the latest additions and amendments: 

Every Friday, all  laws & amendments published in the weekly Gazette are considered for inclusion in Optima for integration/addition  into its relevant libraries. Editors notes are added where appropriate. Subscribers access the new data quarterly with a "pop-up" on their screen prompting a click to download  OR by  following our instructions below:

1) Please uninstall Optima on any location, reboot and then click on this link below-


Optima Legal (Windows Installer) (13th September, 2021)

- it contains the latest data (13th September, 2021)

- the download will take about 20 minutes on a dedicated 1 Mbps connection. 

- please use a download manager if you have an unreliable internet connection. 

For a network installation, use the same target installation folder on your server so that you don't have to adjust your Optima share or your client installations)

 3) Check that "V5.0.0.5" is displayed in the topmost horizontal bar and "13th September, 2021" is above the main menu of the program when you open it.

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