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Debasing Zimbabwe's Legal Profession

On the 16th September the Rules Committee of the Council of the Law Society gazetted out of the blue the repeal of all foreign qualifications as “Designated Qualifications”, meaning all those with foreign Professional and /or academic Degrees in law will now have to enroll at the defunct University of Zimbabwe and the Midland State University to obtain another 3 year Degree before they can then apply to write the Procedural Exams to obtain a Practising Certificate.

Every honourable Profession jealously protects the standards by which those who choose to practice in it shall qualify themselves and thereafter conduct themselves without harm to the unsuspecting and all-too trusting public upon whom they will inflict themselves.

Right from the pioneer days since 1890 have lawyers in our country imported legal skills, and until last month foreigners were welcome , to enhance and enrich our noble calling.

Reasons for doing so are being sought and will be published in the next series of this Article Meanwhile please click here to go to the Rules in question

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